Our experts provide professional tender and bid management services, as well as training and advice. These FAQs will help you understand some of the terminologies associated with our services. Contact us today if you have a question that is not available on this list.

How can I find tenders for free?

Tenders can be found for free via the GOV Contract Finder, TED.eu, and Bluelight.

How can I participate in a tender?

Organisations can participate in tenders by signing up to a portal, registering interest, and accessing the documentation to respond.

How do I challenge an unsuccessful contract award decision?

If an organisation wishes to challenge a contract award decision, a copy of the contact information for the review body can be located in section VI.4.1 of the original contract notice. Legal advice should be considered prior to any formal challenge.

How do you win a bid?

To win a bid you must achieve high scores in both Quality and Price evaluations.

How do you win a tender?

To win a tender you must achieve high scores in both Quality and Price evaluations.

How do you write a bid?

Writing a bid consists of using a structured writing approach, using both company and industry standards, and aligning the service to the buyer’s requirements.

How do you write a tender?

Writing a tender consists of using a structured writing approach, using both company and industry standards, and aligning the service to the buyer’s requirements.

What are CDM Regulations?

CDM Regulations are the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015

What are RAMS?

RAMS is an abbreviation for ‘Risk Assessments’ and ‘Method Statements’.

What are Win Themes?

Win Themes are a set of statements/themes that run through a proposal to sell your service to the buyer.

What does methodology mean?

Methodology is the systems and processes used for a specific task or subject area.

What is a Bid/Tender Writer?

The term 'Tender / Bid Writer' is used to describe the role of a person who writes and develops tender/bid responses.

What is a Bid/Tender?

A 'bid' or ‘tender’ is defined as an organisation’s technical and commercial response to a contract notice (tender).

What is a bid Case Study?

A bid Case Study is a Case Study that demonstrates experience in a similar industry or environment and to a similar value and scope.

What is a bid launch or kick-off meeting?

A bid launch, or kick-off meeting, is the first meeting attended by all personnel involved in delivering into the bid to discuss strategy, timescales, and responsibilities.

What is a bid process?

A bid process is the defined flow of actions needed to successfully complete a bid, such as a kick-off, bid plan completion, and colour reviews.

What is a Blue Team Review?

The Blue Team Review is the structuring stage where the framework of the response is outlined and agreed.

What is a Communication Management Plan?

A Communication Management Plan is a key document which outlines the communication methods and frequencies between a group of people.

What is a Contract Award Notice?

A Contract Award Notice is a notice released by buyers to advertise the award of a tender to a successful candidate or organisation.

What is a Contract Notice?

A Contract Notice is a notice released by buyers to advertise a newly released tender.

What is a CPV code?

A CPV code is an abbreviation for Common Procurement Vocabulary, a numeric reference for a specific service - making it easy to search for contracts relative to a particular service.

What is a Fault Management System?

A Fault Management System (FMS) is an electronic system that allows faults to be reported, monitored, and reported on.

What is a Framework Agreement?

A Framework Agreement is an established set of terms that allows buyers to source services or products from a group of approved suppliers without the need for many individual tenders.

What is a Gold Team Review?

The Gold Team Review is a pre-submission quality review to ensure that all sections are complete, information and graphics are compliant, and formatting is correct.

What is a Green Team Review?

The Green Team Review is a review of pricing to ensure all information is presented and reflects the written proposal and is in the requested format.

What is a JV?

A JV is a Joint Venture, a partnership between one or more organisations to deliver a service.

What is a KPI?

KPI is an abbreviation for Key Performance Indicator, a service level that must me maintained to ensure a service/product operates to the buyer’s satisfaction.

What is a Method Statement?

A Method Statement is a document used to describe the process of how a particular task or work activity should be completed. Method Statements are often referred to as ‘Safe Systems of Work’ as they outline associated hazards and provide strict guidance on safe working.

What is a Mobilisation Plan?

A Mobilisation Plan outlines the steps you will take to mobilise a contract, typically supported by a Mobilisation Programme (MS Project timeline).

What is a Pink Team Review?

The Pink Team Review is conducted when the response is c70% complete to ensure each section of the framework is developed and that the content is correct.

What is a portal?

A portal is a website used by buyers to publish tenders and receive responses electronically.

What is a PQQ Review?

A PQQ review is a service that BWL offers to assess your content and ensure you are maximising your scoring ability.

What is a PQQ?

PQQ’ is a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, which is used to shortlist suitable companies at the beginning of the tender process.

What is a procurement threshold?

A procurement threshold is the value at which a public contract must be released for tender. 2019’s threshold is £181,302, which means any public contract that exceeds that value must be published under EU procurement laws.

What is a Red Team Review?

The Red Team Review is conducted when the response if c90% complete to ensure that questions are answered appropriately and tell a compelling story.

What is a specification?

A specification is the key descriptive document or documents in a bid, detailing how the buyer expects their service / goods to be delivered.

What is a Standstill Period?

A Standstill Period (or ‘Alcatel period’) is a mandatory period of a minimum of 10 days following notification of contract award. During this period, unsuccessful bidders have an opportunity to challenge the buyer’s decision.

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a proposal planning tool used to provide bid writers with guidance on how to respond to each question posed by the buyer.

What is a tender document?

A tender document is the official documentation released by an organisation, which details the scope of the project or contract.

What is a tender review?

A tender review is a service that BWL offers to assess your content and ensure you are maximising your scoring ability.

What is an Alternative Offer?

An Alternative Offer is a proposal submitted by a bidder that differs from the buyer’s requirements but will deliver the same or improved outcome.

What is an EOI?

An EOI is an ‘Expression of Interest’, whereby a bidder expresses interest in a tender opportunity, typically via a tender portal.

What is an Executive Summary?

An Executive Summary is an introductory statement provided with a bid to summarise the overall bid, covering key solutions and customer benefits.

What is an RFQ?

An ‘RFQ’ is a Request for Quotation, a type of tender that details exact product or service specifications.

What is APMP?

APMP is the abbreviation for the Association for Proposal Management Professionals and is the official certification for proposal management.

What is award criteria?

Award criteria is the buyer’s quality vs price weighting, e.g. 50% quality, 50% price.

What is BAFO?

BAFO is ‘Best and Final Offer’, the best and final proposal provided by a supplier to a buyer.

What is best practice?

Best practice is a proven process or working practice that ensures the best possible performance within a service or industry.

What is bid / no bid?

Bid / no bid is the decision process used to determine whether an opportunity is suitable for the business to bid on.

What is bid evidence?

Bid evidence is information a bidder provides in a bid to demonstrate experience in a specific task, area, or environment, etc.

What is capture planning?

Capture planning is the process of identifying opportunity specific details, such as win themes, influences and influencers, customer information, and a competitor SWOT analysis.

What is CHAS?

CHAS is the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.

What is configuration management?

Configuration management is a process used to maintain computer systems and software in a known and consistent state, typically stored on a configuration management database.

What is Constructionline?

Constructionline is a pre-qualification process for bidders in construction, simplifying the suitability assessment.

What is contingency resource?

Contingency resource is a supply of staff, stock, or materials that can be deployed in case of emergency or shortage.

What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance consists of rules, processes, and procedures used by an organisation to manage all legal, financial, and ethical duties.

What is CSR?

CSR is Corporate Social Responsibility, a model used by organisations to take accountability for all economic, social, and environmental impacts arising from the delivery of their service.

What is interfacing?

Interfacing is a series of interactions and communication between a group of people, such as daily calls and weekly meetings.

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern Slavery is any offence relating to trafficking and slavery. The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is designed to combat such offences.

What is Open Procedure?

The Open Procedure allows any applicable bidder to tender to provide a product or service.

What is PAS 91?

PAS 91 is a standard Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) for the construction industry.

What is Restricted Procedure?

The Restricted Procedure uses a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire to restrict the number bidders.

What is Social Value?

Social Value is the additional benefits delivered to the community, over and above purchasing goods and services, underpinned by the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.

What is tender training?

Tender training is a service that BWL offers to train individuals and teams in developing winning bids and tenders.

What is the FOIA?

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) allows the public to request and review information held by public authorities.

What is Training Needs Analysis?

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is a process undertaken to analyse training requirements in an individual or group.

What is White Team Review?

The White Glove Review is a page-by-page review of the bid prior to submittal, ensuring there are no errors or inconsistencies.

Who is the bidder in a tender?

The bidder in a tender is the organisation who is responding to a tender by providing a quality and price submission.

Why is a contract tendered?

Contracts are tendered to ensure suppliers can bid for a contract under a fair and open procurement process, ensuring they are judged on merit, evidence, and price.