Debt can have a detrimental impact on commercial organisations, affecting cash flow and consuming vast amounts of time chasing payments which can eat into profits from the settlement.

BWL Consulting’s Solicitors offer a tailored approach to the debt recovery solution, which is unique to the client, and ultimately leads to success. This enables them to quickly reduce the number of bad debts written off annually and improve their cash flow.

Our highly experienced team work closely with businesses in all matters relating to debt recovery, creating a strong relationship which provides confidence and trust.

Where a claim is in relation to an unpaid invoice of up to £100,000 which is not disputed, our fees will range from £1,000- £4,500 (including VAT) based on our hourly rates of £100 to £250 plus VAT. These fees encompass the following stages:

  • Analysing and reviewing documentation
  • Research on your behalf
  • Document creation (letters, emails.)
  • Receiving payments and forwarding to you, the client
  • Forward thinking, next steps and predicted costs

Undisputed matters can take between 14 days and six months from receipt of instructions from you to receipt of payment or agreement of payment from the other party, which may vary.

If the other party disputes your claim at any point, we will discuss any further work required. It may be necessary to provide you with a revised cost estimate. This may be a fixed fee or based on hourly rates, depending on the work needed.

BWL Consulting’s Senior Solicitor and Mediator, Richard Beckwith, is happy to discuss your debt recovery requirements in further detail and provide more information. We can also advise for debts over £100,000. Contact us here.

Meet the team...

Richard Beckwith is Head of Dispute Resolution at BWL Consulting.

Richard is an experienced Construction and Litigation Solicitor and also an accredited Mediator. He has a wealth of experience in helping clients resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner. He is happy to talk to you about your legal requirements, and offer advice and support over a free consultation.

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