Our in-house dispute resolution solicitors have significant experience resolving disputes and protecting our clients’ interests.

Our dispute resolution solicitors provide you with professional and strategic advice that removes the traditional stress and cost associated with disputes; creating a tailored and personal service that ensures the dispute is resolved to your satisfaction.

We have significant experience defending disputes and understand the stress and disruption this can place on your business. We work tirelessly to explore your solutions to avoid the need for litigation where possible.

Free initial consultation

BWL provides an initial consultation with an experienced solicitor who will listen to your concerns and discusses the intricacies of your dispute before advising you on the strength of the case. Simply call us on 020 3011 2661, or email us at enquiries@bwlconsulting.co.uk to speak directly with a dispute resolution solicitor.

  • Bwl Dispute Resolution

Dispute claims we typical resolve

  • Contractor claim against Main Contractor
  • Main Contractor claim against Employer
  • Employer claim against Main Contractor
  • Employer claim against Employers Agent
  • Employer claim against the professional consultant
  • Professional consultants claim against the Employer

Why choose BWL Consulting?

Success – BWL offers complete transparency to allow you to make an educated decision on the firm you instruct to manage your case. During 2020, we have achieved a successful outcome for 100% of the disputes we were engaged to resolve.

Experienced - Our Legal Team has built a strong reputation for successfully negotiating disputes to create an unrivalled service when defending our clients. We support a range of clients, from SME's through to large multi-national corporations.

Approachable - Our solicitors listen and communicate with clients at all stages of their dispute(s), providing clear, concise and specialist advice that achieves results.

Collaboration – BWL’s dispute resolution solicitors work collaboratively with our Construction Consultancy Services Team, which is comprised of civil engineers and quantity surveyors. This in-house set of competencies and skills creates a combined force to successfully resolve our clients' disputes and sets BWL aside from traditional law firms across the UK.

Additional dispute resolution services we offer include:

Our solicitors provide friendly, reliable and competent advice, and will discuss your dispute during a free consultation.

To discuss your dispute with an experienced member of our Legal Team, please contact us on the telephone number below, or simply complete our contact form by clicking here and suggesting a suitable time for a solicitor to contact you.

Case Studies

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