Experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation, BWL’s Construction Solicitors have a wealth of experience in resolving disputes involving domestic and commercial building developments and the engineering and construction of roads, railways, bridges, airports, ports, power stations and utilities.

Our Solicitors have extensive experience in helping organisations resolve their disputes through a variety of methods, including:

In addition to supporting clients through formal Dispute Resolution processes, BWL’s Construction Solicitors provide practical advice in relation to contract interpretation and the making or defending of claims on a commercial basis. Our Team is also proficient at advising on the procedures for building contract termination and the implications of insolvency.

Our clients include Developers, Contractors, Subcontractors and Insurers that operate nationwide across all industry sectors. This experience enables us to provide tailored advice and gives our clients the confidence they need to know that we can help them throughout their disputes.

Our approach is jargon-free, professional and strategic, and is designed to alleviate the stress and costs often associated with disputes.

If you have any matters causing concerns and want to discuss them with an experienced member of our Legal Team, please contact us on the telephone number below, or simply complete the form by clicking here and we will be in touch.