Our Commercial Solicitors draft comprehensive joint venture agreements (or “JVAs”) that include all relevant provisions necessary to meet client objectives, ensuring each parties’ roles and responsibilities are captured to safeguard the success of the project.

Our team will work closely with the client team and work collaboratively with the other JV party and their legal adviser to ensure the JVA adequately meets the needs of the parties.

Each party should understand their scope, recognise the risks associated with the project, allocate risk accordingly, agree on risk mitigation strategies, agree on a workable governance structure to ensure project aims are met and disputes are resolved in a timely manner that allows the project to proceed.

As well as drafting the joint venture agreements, we also assist our clients in establishing joint venture companies and special purpose vehicles (or “SPVs”) for projects with specific terms and conditions.

Our Commercial Solicitors have a wealth of experience in setting up joint venture agreements for a variety of commercial projects. Within these agreements, we focus on:

  • Management of the joint venture agreement
  • Termination events
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Dispute resolution strategies
  • Operational elements
  • Overall commercial objectives

BWL’s team are always happy to talk you through your joint venture agreement requirements and provide you with a professional service that instils confidence and generates results. You can read a case study where we assisted a client with a JVA and the associated SPV here.

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