The Commercial Solicitors at BWL understand the importance of drafting clear, unambiguous terms and conditions that will enable you to manage your customer and supplier relationships through effective contract management.

This all starts with a contract that sets out the scope of the deliverables, milestones for payment, measurable performance indicators, limits your liability, mitigates your contractual risks; and provides you with enforceable remedies in the event of non-performance.

Our team pride themselves on their ability to take a pragmatic approach when drafting terms and conditions. Our Commercial Solicitors will work closely with you to understand the nature of your business operations in order to provide commercial as well as legal support.

BWL’s Commercial Solicitors have a wealth of experience in drafting and advising on a range of contracts (as well as public sector contracts) across industries, including property, construction, engineering, manufacturing, transport and energy.

Our dedicated team can help you prepare standard form agreements to help you contract more efficiently and effectively, and draft/advise on bespoke terms and conditions that will suit your business needs. Examples include:

  • Service and maintenance agreements
  • Purchasing agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Escrow agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Collaboration and alliance agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements (or NDAs)

Our team are also able to negotiate terms and conditions on your behalf when your customer or supplier imposes them on you. Our Commercial Solicitors will work with you, in order to ensure that the agreement provides for the commercial and operational realities, so that you may reach a negotiated position that protects your business.

In conjunction with our Professional Bid Services team, we also provide contract reviews at bid stage, so you know what risks are in the contract before submitting your price.

BWL’s Commercial Solicitors also offer:

  • Contract ‘health checks’ where we review and update your current terms and conditions to reflect the introduction of new laws, such as GDPR
  • Contract drafting notes for your in-house legal and non-legal teams
  • Bespoke legal training for your in-house legal and non-legal teams
  • Post-contract support, including support with contract interpretation
  • Support drafting corporate governance documents
  • Instruct and or/work collaboratively with local legal advisers in other jurisdictions
  • Support in drafting instructions to engage other experts; including, a delay expert, forensic accountant, Patent Attorney, Barristers or Advocates, as may be required.

Our team can collaborate with you to help you develop a strategy for your in-house legal team. We can also help to develop business processes and policy documents that help your business comply with applicable laws and standards, as well as ensure adherence to internal governance requirements.

Submit your details and one of our Commercial Solicitors will be in touch with you as soon as possible to arrange an initial consultation.