Our specialist chartered professionals which form part of our Construction Consultancy Services team, have extensive experience in commercial management and project management, having previously worked on a broad range of projects across the full spectrum of the construction industry.

Our Construction Consultancy Services team are familiar with all standard forms of a construction contract, as well as common amendments and bespoke agreements used across both building and infrastructure sectors.

This means when carrying out contract negotiations on the behalf of our clients we ensure contracts are fair and reasonable and apportion commercial and operational risk appropriately.

Where appropriate our Construction Consultancy Services are also supported with advice and guidance by experienced solicitors within the Legal Services team at BWL Consulting.

This combined service ensures our Commercial Managers are best equipped with contract negotiation, taking cognisance of the commercial, operational and legal position in any construction contract.

As our construction professionals sit within an integrated team within the Construction Consultancy Services function when providing contract negotiations at the outset of a contract, we are also able to provide additional project management, commercial management or technical services which may add value to a project.

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