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Technology in construction; a BWL construction discussion

Technology in construction; a BWL construction discussion

Technology in construction is becoming ever-present; sophisticated software and artificial intelligence (A.I.) is being used to measure drawings, manage the snagging process, and ensure compliance with health and safety requirements. However, what can we expect to see in the next 10-20 years? With the help of technology, the construction industry can solve problems that arise and even prevent them from happening.

For instance, Hexagon Geosystems has developed a monitoring system that can identify areas of strength and weakness in a structure, which may not be visible to the naked eye. This technology can be used to develop safer structures, especially in extreme weather conditions and seismic zones. The technology can also be used in mines to monitor risks and prevent accidents.

Another innovation in the construction industry is the Smart Hardhat, which can monitor the wearer’s location, motion, and temperature. With the help of this connected headgear, the management team can keep track of the workers’ safety and prevent any accidents from happening. For example, if a worker unintentionally enters the wrong zone, the Smart Hardhat can trigger an alert, notifying the necessary people for help.

Japan has taken a significant step towards combating labour shortages by developing humanoid robots to perform repetitive tasks such as installing drylining and insulation. This could potentially open doors for people who felt they couldn’t succeed in the construction industry, creating a more inclusive working environment.

Although there are several advantages to incorporating technology in the construction industry, the development and implementation of software may lead to higher construction costs, adding to the already rising costs of materials.

Despite this, the benefits of improved safety levels, accuracy, and quality are significant. It may even lead to a more inclusive work environment, encouraging more people to apply for jobs and new opportunities in the construction industry. Ultimately, can we really put a price on improving safety?

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